Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Do you keep the boxes?

Seriously... with, like, malaria and poverty and racism and gun-crazy assholes running around, you'd think I had bigger things to worry about, but here's my concern of the day:

Do you keep your shoe boxes?

I used to work in the shoe business, and my boss - a guy with a sick collection of Prada and the like - was a box-keeper through and through. I am presently a box-keeper, too. I like the glossy feel of the YSL box, opening it to reveal my Tributes (which I can't seem to wear to work because while they look very glam on net-a-porter models, they make me look like a wobbly hooker). I love handling the oragami-like and brilliantly engineered Te Casan boxes (while lamenting the end of that innovative label). And I am grateful for the metal gromment on Kors boxes, which makes it easy to pull those shoes from the stack. But I am about to overhaul my office/closet and am considering ditching all the boxes in favor of just shelving them. But seriously... dust. I mean, let's be honest. As often as a girl wears glitter Loutoutins (read: only for one Christmas party a year, at best) shouldn't I keep them boxed? Putting them out on open shelves seems a little too Mariah Carey, right? A little above my pay grade?

How do you store your shoes, shoe whores?